Practical informations

Isfahan is the second largest metropolitan area of Iran, with around 4 millions inhabitants. Isfahan encompasses an international airport (IATA code : IFN) and is connected by buses or trains to other main iranian cities (around 5 hours to Tehran). The participants shall be picked up at their arrival and taken to the Isfahan University of Technology (IUT).

The school will mostly be held within the IUT campus, located about 15km from the center of Isfahan. All the participants shall be accomodated on the campus, where all the meal will also take place. The "Tilings lectures" shall be held in the mathematics department. We shall there enjoy (next to each other) a 90-seat lecture hall (with a whiteboard and a video projector), a comfortable rest room for tea breaks and discussions and two 30-computer rooms (with a video projector) for internet access and mathematical software lectures.

The "Tessellations lectures", which should reach a wider audience, will be held in the end of the day either in the Isfahan Mathematics House (IMH) located in the center of Isfahan, or directly on the spot (visit of architectural monuments). A special bus shall bring all the participants together to this place (and back to the IUT).


 General view of Isfahan with the IUT, the IMH and the airport


On the IUT campus

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